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May 2009

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crystal_storm in o_dont_be_silly

Hi, and welcome to o_dont_be_silly  !
This community was created to allow catastrophisers to express themselves clearly and openly in the company of their peers.
What is a catastrophiser?
A person who are either prone to viewing benign scenarios as being catastrophic, or constantly worrying about situations becoming catastrophic when in actuality the risk of such a crisis is minimal.
Or possibly both, if that's what gets you going.
Here we can voice our mad concerns, no matter how paranoid, with the hope that others will have a good natured chuckle, tell us not to be silly, and explain how it's going to be OK.
What are the guidelines?
1. Please only bring silly or highly unlikely potential catastrophes to the table. This isn't the place to spill your guts about an actual, undeniable catastrophe.
For example:
"Help! I can't stop worrying that the next time Haley's Comet comes past, we are all gonna die!"
or "I had a dream about getting stabbed, and now I'm afraid of leaving the house" is a reasonably silly catastrophe for this group.
"My mother was just shot dead in front of me"
or "Oh god. I've just been assaulted on the way home from work and lost all trust of humanity" is not. Post about that on your own journal, or perhaps a an lj group designed to support survivors of violent assault.
2. All responses need to be supportive, light hearted, and be with the goal of telling someone it's all going to be ok and that they are, in fact, being silly.
Saying, in equally catastrophic terms, how much you worry about that too. Sometimes it's good to know you are not alone about worrying about the sky falling!
Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea, but I am a little worried this might get unhealthy.
What starts as good natured banter may grow as more participants add fuel to the fires of anxiety and speculation. It's not like the media is helping, with all this talk of swine flu and global recession.

We will find ourselves making locked posts, hiding the group from big brother, and trading advice on how best to avoid being struck by lightening during clear days. The fear grows, as the facts pile on.

Eventually, we will find ourselves retreating from this lethal, terrifying society, creating a literal safe haven in the breast of mother earth.
There, we will hole ourselves up in self sufficient, radiation proof bunkers, taking special care to avoid out poisons or anything with sharp corners. All communications are electronically vetted for potentially harmful information, our food is delivered through tubes, and all support systems have at least ten levels of redundancy.
After a while of course, we might suspicious with each other, and start to wonder 'Ye gods! Have I gone mad? Look at these loons? They are fucking *batshit*!'
'I better get my own cell, just in case one of them turns on me'


Except that if you've ever read the steve king novel "Cell", you know that cellphones can apparently strip people of their reasoning skills and turn them into bloody, homicidal maniacs.
Which is something I worry about every day.

Someone else's turn! :D
Or have seen the movie Core and are afraid that carrying a cell phone will kill you the instant the earth starts spinning.
Oops! I meant "the moment the earth stops spinning"